• Recycling Program

    Recycling Program

    Mirkin’s Dry Cleaning Service is dedicated to alleviating our landfills of unneeded waste. In the front call office of each Mirkin’s Dry Cleaning Service location, you will find a container for used garment bags and hangers. Upon request, customers are given a convenient hanger carrier to take home and return when filled.
    We encourage our customers to return their hangers and plastic garment bags so we can reuse them. In September 2011, Mirkin’s Dry Cleaning Service made a switch to Eco-Green® garment bags, which are the newest generation in environmentally-friendly packaging.

  • Go Green with the Ipura™ Cleaning System

    Go Green with the Ipura™ Cleaning System

    Our team is committed to using one of the most advanced environmentally-friendly cleaning machines in the industry. These efficient machines use less cleaning solution and less energy. This process ensures great results while leaving your garments odorless. Our wet cleaning system, which uses water, guarantees that all whites will be white and colors will be vivid and bright with life. This process is very effective at removing even the toughest stains.